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AROMATHERAPY SPRAY | ZEN | Healing Rosemary. Harmony. Grounding. Peace.

Harmonizing. Grounding. Aura Protector. Peace.

Made with healing Rosemary plant.

This is our Master Fragrance!!

For Body+Fabrics+Rooms

Use in vaporizors & air freshner plug-ins for room or auto


  • Infants & Kids? Perfect!
  • Helps put Babies, Kids & Adults to sleep!
  • Spray in rooms, beddings, body, fabrics, clothes stuffed animals...
  • Excellent for calming spaces with lots of people: shops, spas, offices, studios, schools, autos...
  • DESINFECTANT for hands & objects
  • 100% PURE. No preservatives, colorants, synthetics, nothing.


net weight: 8oz/250ml

AROMATHERAPY SPRAY | ZEN | Healing Rosemary. Harmony. Grounding. Peace.

SKU: FG010
PrecioDesde $8.00



     If for any reason the Rocío Sagrado product you purchased from us (including through our website, has  left you unsatisfied, unhappy, we  would love to know.  Please do not hesitate to contact us  through our email at within 30 days from the date you purchased the product. We will immediately respond to you and work with you to address your concerns.  We believe ANY feedback - good or bad - is always good.  That's how we stay connected and up to par with you, our customer.  That is how we improve and evolve our products and ourselves.  Please be ready to send us pictures and/or ship us back the product.  

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