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Everything started when I was 13 years old, in the spring patches of good 'ole Springfield, Illinois.  It was there that I started to make my own facial care & masks.  You see, since
I was a little girl, I have had bad reactions to the smells of anything synthetic: lotions, perfumes, paints, etc.  They give me migraines & nausea.  By the time I was a teenager,
I knew I had to do something.


It's pronounced "roh-see-oh sah-grah-doh" and means “Sacred Dew” in Spanish. A dear friend and I chose the name because I also live in Argentina (for more than 20 years now).  And I started this little company with this Spanish (Castillan) name in 2010.

AND WHAT DO I DO (now we - to include my husband Juan who is head of production)?

Since 2011, we have been creating handmade, 100% pure & natural Skin Care, Holistic Care, Aromatherapeutic Fragrances, Deodorants & Repellents using hand-picked plants & flowers fresh from our garden.

All our proucts are plant-loving, high quality, splendidly multi-useful & concentrated.  No preservatives, colorantes, synthetics, nothing.

Oleos, Butter Blends, Balms, Masks, Fragrances, Deodorants & Repellents are just a few of the things we make in our boutique. Rosemary, Calendula, Dandelion, Lavender, Linden, Rose, Lemon Balm & Thyme are just some of the wonderous plants that we collect from our garden.

From our garden to your skin. That's Handmade-Homemade Goodness.  So, Power to the Flower.


Our lovely plant-loving company was founded by a Black woman (that's me) who is also co-owner and President. 

I also: am a Yoga teacher, train Yoga instructors & give Yoga workshops; teach Tae Kwon Do & Pilates Mat; am an instructor of Chi Kung (Qi Gong); practice T'ai Chi; am a personal trainer, study & practice phytotherapy, study & practice Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Oh - and I am a firm, firm believer that LOVE conquers ALL. 

It is the most powerful, most mysterious & most beautiful

of any & all cosmic energies. 



We believe in The Power of the Flowers, that is Mother Earth.  We believe we are what we Digest & what we Ingest.  And when we are connected with what we Digest & Ingest, we are connected with Mother Earth. 


Everything we make is ingested through the skin.  Therefore, our products are made with non-GMO and/or organic high quality raw materials.  No preservatives, colorants, synthetics, nothing.

Everything is 100% Pure.  Nothing more. Nothing. else.   We hope you enjoy them.  Peace.

Oh - and we are firm, firm believers that LOVE conquers ALL.  It is the most powerful, most mysterious & most beautiful of any & all cosmic energies.


We recycle all of our containers.  You can either re-utilize them, bring them for refills or return them to us.  We are constantly working on reducing our use of plastics - it is really really hard.

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